Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Suggestions on How to Make the NEW Cartoon Planet Last!

Starting tonight, on the weekend of Cartoon Network's 20th Anniversary, Cartoon Planet returns with Brak and Zorak hosting the old Cartoon Cartoons, such as Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Lab, Foster's Home, Cow and Chicken, and more. I know this is inspired (using the word lightly) by Teennick's The 90s Are All That, but I think this has potential. I only have a few suggestions on how to make the block more accessible to not only the previous generation, but this one as well. So, if Cartoon Network reads this and I doubt it, I hope they take these suggestions and put in the block if it becomes successful.

1. Memorable episodes from the more current Cartoon Cartoons

I know there are people out here that aren’t too happy that Chowder and Flapjack are being included in the block, but let’s remember what this block is trying to do: bring back the old Cartoon Cartoons. Adventure Time and Regular Show has some likeability and clearly differs from each other. Flapjack features some of Pendleton Ward’s work (My Guardian Angel’s Trying to Kill Me) and Chowder has some decent episodes too {Mung on the Rocks, Sing Beans, The Flibber-Flabber Diet}. As long as Cartoon Network puts out memorable segments in their block, there will a peaked interest of some of the shows they used to run.

2. Revival of some Cartoon Planet songs

I heard on Twitter that Andy Merrill, the voice of Brak, is working on some new songs to put in-between Cartoon Cartoon segments. I don’t know what to expect in those new songs, but I think it would be appropriate if you reintroduce some of the older songs. Highway 40, It Smells Like Cartoon Planet, and What Time is It? are some good examples, but I think the best idea is to bring back the Wake Up Song….because you’re already showing some live-action content, I think we can live if you do that.

3. Appearances of other Cartoon Network characters, old and new

I know Space Ghost is going to be nowhere on this project, but I want some other characters from the network’s past to make appearances. Here are some that I think would be a good idea.

* Meatwad (I know he’s an Adult Swim character, but Brak and Zorak was on the same block as he was for a little while. Plus, he’s the less cynical of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force and I think he would do a good job trying to say something good about today’s Cartoon Network)

* Mordecai and Rigby (If you’re going to promote this show, these two are a good idea that shouldn’t be ignored. I’m sure these two have some memories on Cartoon Network and Regular Show is basically just one part nostalgia cruise. I also want Brak and Zorak to have mixed opinions about these characters)

* Blip the Space Monkey (I think it would be funny if Zorak complained that Space Ghost just left them his monkey for no good reason)

4. Extend the block until 10PM

I don’t care about King of the Hill (OK, out of context there), but at least don’t start Adult Swim until 10PM. The point of this block is to reintroduce the old Cartoon Network shows for a new generation. Kids are probably going to be clamoring for more if they like what they see just as much as they want more of what they already watch on this network, which brings to my final suggestion.

5. More publicity material

I’m serious. Viral media and only one commercial do not make a big revival project. If you want this block to succeed, bring back some old Cartoon Network routines with the Powerhouse music and maybe show some Looney Tunes, MGM, or Popeye shorts as a part of your Toon Extra. You can try opening up a Facebook and Twitter account dedicated to Cartoon Planet, even start a website based on the nostalgia factor. I know you’re taking this from Nickelodeon, but there are some people that grew up on Cartoon Network too, and if you’re willing to focus less time on it, then I guess Adventure Time is your only life support.

So, I hope all of you enjoy Cartoon Planet. It will be on every Friday night from 8PM to 9PM. So, get watching and see why Cartoon Network used to be the best place for cartoons. Until then, let me give all of you an idea what Cartoon Planet was about.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension!

With all these 3D movies coming out these days, such as the Lorax and Madagascar 3, we tend to forget that 3D wasn't a new thing.

Pete Smith used 3D in the earliest form possible in Audioscopiks, Universal achieved pure B-Entertainment with the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Warner Bros. brought Bugs Bunny into the third dimension in Lumber Jack-Rabbit.

Unfortunately, I'm not talking about these because they're too "overrated". Instead, let me introduce you to another Warner Bros. cartoon that used 3D at a time when it was more of a gimmick, the 1990s.

This cartoon is over 13 minutes long, used CGI technology to make the characters and backgrounds look cel-scaled than today's cartoons (I'm looking at you, Garfield Show,) and was only shown in theme parks, such as Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia and Six Flags Great America.

For a time, it was considered a lost masterpiece, not in the same leagues of London After Midnight and some Doctor Who episodes, but it's impossible to find a pirated copy on the Internet.

That is, until Warner Bros. brought the Looniness to the HD era with the Blu-Ray collection, Looney Tunes Platinum Collection. A collection of old Golden Collection goodies remastered in high quality picture and sound and some new goodies, such as new cartoons from the Chuck Jones Productions library and TV production exclusives. And of course, a found copy of the theme park attraction.

Although it's in its 2D glory and some of the sound makes it necessary to buy the collection yourself (or a Blu-Ray player,) it's the first time we get to see this lost Looney Tunes feature.

And now, without further sentences, with Joe Alaskey voicing the characters and the late Richard Stone composing the music, I give you Marvin the Martian in the Third Dimension.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Music Movies - Annie (Special Video Sharement!)

Paw from Channel Awesome and is reviewing the 1982 musical adaption of Annie. Will he survive the cuteness and live through "tomorrow" and beyond?

For more reviews, go on
Check it out! It's a great site! {Not suitable for minors.}

NOTE: I remember watching the movie in my childhood and I didn't watch it all recently, but I still have the original VHS. I might see the remake with Willow Smith if I like what Willy's doing with her.

UPDATED NOTE: Sorry that this video took so long to load, but it's now up in its entirity! So, enjoy yourself!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Top 10 E3 Games I'm Excited About

Welcome to Random Fandom, where I review out of my mind about the things I find.

E3 is come and gone once again. With exciting announcements from the 10th Anniversary of Halo to the new WiiU, we always focus ourselves on the games only. And boy, it did not disappoint this year! Other than more motion controlled games and first-person shooters, there were a lot of other games casual and hardcore gamers are excited about and I'm here to share the ones I'm excited the most. This is my top 10 E3 games I'm excited about.


If owning a PS2 has made me learn one thing is that Sly Cooper and Ratchet and Clank were the kiddie mascots of the platform. While the latter has been doing well on the jump to HD, Sly was left in deep hibernation after his last game. But all that changes right now since Sly and his merry critters are back on the prowl on the Playstation 3. Since Sucker Punch is too busy working on real games, Sanzaru Games is gladly doing the job for them. This is the same developer that re-introduced Sly Cooper to the PS3 audience a year ago with a three-games-in-one package re-release and they thought it would be appropriate to continue the Thievius Raccoonus from here, giving Sly another chance of sneaking and hitting guys with his cane. Besides, Sucker Punch did Rocket for the N64 too {Really underrated.}


The reason I put the last one on the Number 10 spot is because not much was known about the game and I don’t have the console for it, but this game deserves to be in the loser circle. Once Upon a Monster is not only a Sesame Street game on the 360’s {which I own} Kinect {which I don’t own}, but the same developing company that made Psychonauts and Brutal Legend is responsible for this {as well as few downloadable titles.} It’s really impressive to me that a company that was responsible for two of the most creative and funniest games is doing a hashed-down kiddie game. But it’s not bad, rather than touching letters and numbers, you play as Cookie Monster or Elmo as they embark on Yoshi’s Story territory to find monsters to attend another monster’s birthday party…thrilling. I think it’s appropriate you’re playing as these two characters because not only they’re monsters; they give you diabetes {HEY-O!}

One of the launch titles of the Gamecube that made Super Mario’s brother look like a pansy has made its way to the 3DS. Rather than finding your brother like last time, Professor E. Gadd orders Luigi to go into many mansions throughout the world and use his Poltergust to capture the ghosts who inhabit them. And it doesn’t really help that Luigi is still afraid of those Slimer rejects. I could say that the game’s uninteresting to me because it has a flashlight that flashes really brightly like an MIB neutralizer or one of the ghosts look like Roger from American Dad, but the real reason is: I don’t have a 3DS…but my friend Jason does have one and I play Nintendogs and Cats on it. It’s a close second.


Now, here’s a game I can actually get! Exclusively for the 2DS, Kirby: Mass Attack answers the question many Kirby fans have been pondering over the years: What if Kirby reproduced? Ignoring asexual methods and stuff that breaks the laws of nature, a creature that looks like Nightmare if he was dark and gritty separates Kirby’s body into ten different Kirbies. Now, all of them must work together to get themselves back in one piece. Nothing else to say but use the touch screen to order your army of pink puffballs into warfare…cute, cuddly, mixed-messaged warfare.


There are plenty of comic book based games that are coming out this year like fighting against Capcom or Batman going to the city to beat the Joker up, but this game looks a lot more fun to me. It’s a timey wimey story that features Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 teaming to put a stop to a time-travelling scientist from founding a futuristic company too early that results into Spider-Man’s death. Again, more fun to me. This game is developed by the same companies that did last year’s Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, which included alternate Spider-Men, Neil Patrick Harris, and Deadpool as a boss. Also, it has that Epic Mickey/Fallout 3 gameplay; what you choose affects the story and Anti-Venom, which I’m discovering right now in comics, is in the game as well {Bonus points.}


Telltale Games has a history of making rich storied episodic games. Hell, you can see my City That Dares Not Sleep review to discover the company’s library. Recently, Telltale has required making games based on Universal’s films, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. While Marty’s brief stay is almost over, Jurassic Park is far away until releasing it to the public. Rather than taking place after the third movie, the game takes place during and after the first one with new characters and loose ends answered, such as Wayne Knight’s dino embryo-encased can. Also, this game is also going to have quick-time events and more focus on the characters, so it may be a long time until Fall to see the dinosaurs run wild once again. But Telltale has a lot more surprises in their sleeve…that I’m uninterested in.

 Rayman has been under the dark cloak where Duke Nukem Forever used to be since the Rabbids stole his limelight, but on Ubisoft’s silver anniversary, they decided to bring the character back as well as his old friends in a reboot. Playing like the first Rayman game as well as some fun references and beautiful levels, this game will surely be the next best downloadable title, no limbs attached. Also, that blue thing Rayman pals around with is playable too, should have mentioned it was in multiplayer too.

After 20 years, there’s a game all Sonic fans aren’t going to bitch about. Sonic Generations gives us what we want: speed, beautiful landscapes, enemies galore, and only playing as the blue blur…two blue blurs! It’s not a new character; it’s the original Sonic the Hedgehog! The game plays in two ways, Classic Sonic plays in the Genesis way and Present Sonic plays in the Unleashed/Colors way. Bringing back old levels, old techniques, and other characters into the mix {Cream included,} Sonic Generations is going to make up for Sonic’s last anniversary title.
Bioshock Infinite Logo.png
 Now, here’s a game that needs no introduction. While fans were hoping for BioShock 3 to be announced, they got something different. No longer were we in the ocean, no longer were we in the 1960s, and no longer were we confronted by Big Daddies. We are in the sky, we are in the turn of the 20th century, and there’s a lot more action than mechanical scuba suits. You play as a former Pinkerton agent going to the aerial American skycity known as Columbia to save this game’s equivalent of a Little Sister {define “little”} to not only escape a giant mechanical Songbird that has been guarding her since her childhood, but escape from a war between patriots and foreigners who wants to use the girl’s powers for their own purposes. Yeah, I forgot to mention Elizabeth has psychic powers with telekinesis and tearing into the space-time continuum. This game looks like it’s going to be the best game in 2012, but what could be number one in my list? It has to be something fans, including myself, have been waiting for.

And the Number 1 Game is...
KW logo.png
This is it. After 11 years on platforming on home consoles, Kirby comes back to his roots. No air riders, no lack of limbs, no yarn, just sucking, taking powers, and kicking ass. Sure, Mass Attack follows the same formula, but this game relies on no gimmicks to the character! He has new limited powers, new enemies, and the first time ever in a true Kirby game; you can play alongside the puffball. Yep, this game is following on Kirby 64’s ground by Waddle Dee, Meta Knight, and even King Dedede joining in on the fun in a new, minigameless, multiplayer function. All I can say is that the franchise is officially coming right back at ya.

Well, that's my list. Be sure to come back soon when I fullfil my promise on reviewing the last two issues of Comic Book Guy: The Comic Book and the Treasure Team Tango storyarc. I'm so tardy that it's offically lazy.

Monday, November 8, 2010

ND&RD: Off-Script #1: The Specials After Halloween

Welcome to a new part of Random Fandom, chronicling the inside and out adventures of New B. Dylan and Robort H. Dylan. This strip you've seen is part of their leisure time, but their stories? Well, they're anything but boring!

New Dil and Robo-Dil aren't the only freaks living in here, tune in my blog for more characters as well as topics for discussion.

The first strip is showing off what FOX is doing to their Halloween shows nowadays. Once the contract with the World Series ends, DO NOT RENEW.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reasons for my Absence

Greetings, all of my minions. I am so sorry about a lack of a review last week. I'll give you a reason why I didn't post.

The Sonic Universe #21 issue wasn't there when I went to ToysRUs {The ONLY place to get these comics!}, so I decided to go forward a week with my new time machine.

What is it, you ask? It's just a couch with a clock taped on it. What is the science in this? I don't know, some bum told me it has wires and gizmos in its leather cushions.

It worked, but I got stuck in 1955 as a result. Fortanately, I found one person who can send me, but he was too busy helping a kid with a life preserver on his body! Instead, I found somebody at this new place called LebTech {which would be old by now}. His name was Jonesy Saxon, he used to get a jet pilot and has even worked on the ways to distribute time travel in flight.

Explaining my situation, Jonesy agreed to help even I could hear him say he's going to commit me, but I highly doubt that.

So, I spent a few days, going to school, watching B-Movies, and since it was Halloween, people wanted to stone me for looking like a...fa...fabolous homo. They were against gays back in the 1950s.

Afterwards, Jonesy prepared the plane and sent me to an asylum. You see, he knew about me coming from the future and I don't why, but he says he works with Nega. Nega who? If it's Negaduck, then this guy knows a lot about the Multiverse.

I made some friends and even listened to Fats Waller if you can believe it. It does get a little tedious when I hear the same song over and over. They helped me break out with a pickaxe and a flashlight {very clever, boys} and stole Jonesy's time-traveling plane to get back to 2010.

Well, here I am! And the best part? I got Sonic Universe #21! It has been a week since I left. I even posted some Twitter updates with the code BTTF: Better Than Tardiness, Freaks. So, you know I've didn't mean to abandon all of my minions.

Then again, it is Halloween. So, I'll leave with something Halloweeny. Enjoy this Ub Iwerks short film that is a blant ripoff of one of his more better works!

View below if you want to watch it, have a nice halloween, and I'll be back with a review of the first chapter of Treasure Team Tango by next week!

A special Halloween treat for all my fans!